Product Design / Development

We provide comprehensive product design and development services. 

Conceptual Design  

Turning ideas into functional products is not always a straightforward process. We'll start by reviewing your images, hand-drawn sketches and other conceptual documentation. We will iterate as needed, soliciting your feedback as we work, and refining your design until we have a manufacturable product that achieves your goals. 

Manufacturing Design    

We work side-by-side with manufacturers to help them simplify their designs and, where feasible, combine multiple conventional parts into one 3D printed part. This simplifies the manufacturing process and the costs associated with sub assembly. In most cases, our ultimate goal is to simplify the manufacturing process, optimize manufacturing practicality and reduce overall manufacturing costs. 

Collaborative Engineering

Our consultative engineering process focuses on quantifying performance parameters to be sure you get the deliverable you need. 

Reverse Engineering

Our systematic approach to reverse engineering involves analyzing your existing part or assembly, including its mechanisms and inner workings, suggesting improvements to optimize its functionality, and creating a CAD model that can also serve as a manufacturing model.