End to End Product Development Solution

We provide comprehensive product design and development services. 

Conceptual Design  

Turning ideas into functional products is not always a straightforward process. We'll start by reviewing your images, hand-drawn sketches and other conceptual documentation. We will iterate as needed, soliciting your feedback as we work, and refining your design until we have a manufacturable product that achieves your goals. 

Manufacturing Design    

We work side-by-side with manufacturers to help them simplify their designs and, where feasible, combine multiple conventional parts into one 3D printed part. This simplifies the manufacturing process and the costs associated with sub assembly. In most cases, our ultimate goal is to simplify the manufacturing process, optimize manufacturing practicality and reduce overall manufacturing costs. 

Collaborative Engineering

Our consultative engineering process focuses on quantifying performance parameters to be sure you get the deliverable you need. 

Reverse Engineering

Our systematic approach to reverse engineering involves analyzing your existing part or assembly, including its mechanisms and inner workings, suggesting improvements to optimize its functionality, and creating a CAD model that can also serve as a manufacturing model. 

Rapid Prototyping with TRONIX3D

Optimize Your Design Quickly

When your design and engineering teams need to get a product to market quickly, Tronix3D helps turn their ideas into reality. In fact, we can print even your most complex designs in only a few hours. 

Because 3D printing requires only a CAD file, you can cut weeks or months from your development cycle. And, rapid prototyping enables you to test your design, verify form and fit, get feedback and incorporate changes very quickly so you can identify those products with the greatest potential for market success. 

No Added Cost for Complexity

Because additive manufacturing printing systems build parts with even the most complex geometries in a single step, rather than creating individual components that require assembly, there is no added cost for complexity – and, therefore, no constraints on your team’s creativity and approach to designing innovative products.

What’s more, you can customize and alter your prototype up until the very last minute – a far cry from the traditional prototype development process. 

Enjoy a Low Per-Part Cost

Unlike costly traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding, which is labor intensive and time consuming due to tooling needs, 3D printing requires no setup and offers a surprisingly low per-part cost.  

Reduce Material Costs

When 3D printing prototype parts, you have a choice of materials, and, in most instances, are able to reduce material costs significantly.

Verify Your Design on the Spot

When it comes to verifying your design, nothing compares to seeing your product, touching it and testing it. It enables you to detect design flaws and make any modifications needed to the CAD file to ensure you achieve the desired look and required functionality. 

Safeguard Your Intellectual Property

These days, competition is fierce. Because we’re local, your design concepts are handled by our small team of experts and aren’t traveling hundreds of miles through hands you can’t trust, so your intellectual property stays safe.